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Social Marketing

Raising awareness, fostering loyalty, directly interacting with key audiences and increasing web traffic are at the heart of my social media marketing philosophy.

social marketing


doing it for the ’gram

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are my primary tools for engaging new and existing consumers with high quality content. I believe in offering more than just promotional posts, and instead focus on telling a company’s story. Creating content of aspirational, educational and ridiculously whimsical value yields higher engagement rates, brand recognition, ROI and customer loyalty.


content strategy

It is important to align any social media strategy, paid and organic, with company goals, both short-term sales markers, and long-term growth milestones. I keep close track of social analytics and let the data determine how well my strategy worked, where I can find more success and how to make future campaigns stronger.


tone & influence

Social media should be a reflection who you are as a business. Introducing humanity (and hilarity) are the best ways to capture attention while telling your story. A valuable tool in achieving this is user generated content. I have partnered with influencers, making them brand advocates, to place products in the best light possible. Not only is this effective, it’s also efficient.